You Can’t Beat my Meat!

Poultry, seafood, beef and pork, we’ve got your main meats covered and a few rare ones too!

Cider Braised Bangers/Roasted Garlic Mash

I was trying to come up with something witty to say about Bangers and Mash…but who are we kidding…the name itself is a comic masterpiece!
I have always been a fan of this dish, but also thought it could be sweetened up a little, enter apple cider. I wasn’t sure, at first, how the cider gravy would go with the roasted garlic mashed potatoes…but don’t worry, it totally works!Read More »Cider Braised Bangers/Roasted Garlic Mash

Monte Cristo

Muffin Tin Monte Cristos

As a kid, I used to go to the restaurant where my mom worked and the cook would always make me fries, but occasionally he would make me a Monte Cristo sandwich. I used to love those days, I mean its a fried sandwich served with grape jelly, what’s better than that, as specially for a kid?   

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