Meet Adam

I was a sickly little dude from the age of about 4 months to 4 years. I was on a mushy bland diet of plain mashed potatoes and Jello, of all things! Doctors had not idea why I was sick all the time, and never did figure it out. Poor little Adam, a severely restricted diet and (as you can see) no fashion sense at all!Adam at 6 Years Old

I always assumed that my intense appreciation for food comes from not having anything that tasted good for the first four years of my life. I mean most little tykes at least get baby food. I would have given my right butt cheek for some strained peaches…or ice cream, holy shit ice cream!

I was raised by very hard working single mum who always worked in food services. While she was at work I had the opportunity to spend time with my Granny (whom I was very fond of). She taught me to love cheese, stinky old cheese! We would watch “Wok with Yan” and “The Galloping Gourmet” and talk about cooking..ahhh good times! When I was eight an opportunity presented itself for Mum to run her own restaurant…in Florida. So like the Clampetts, we loaded up the truck and we moved to Flori-da. If you don’t get that reference, click here (video clip).

Needless to say, a single mother running a new restaurant had her hands very FULL! She needed all the help she could get, so by the age of 10 I had peeled more potatoes and cleaned more shrimp than you would care to eat in a lifetime! This was the start of my experience de’ cuisine.

Over the next 7 years or so, we bounced around the U.S.A and Canada, always with our hands in a restaurant or two. I changed schools quite often and usually cooked on weekends… for party money of course 😉 Everyone always assumed I was going to be a Chef. But after growing up seeing the toll that industry had taken on mommy dearest, I wanted nothing to do with it. So I moved back to my hometown, where I met the love of my life who, with all of her grace and youthful wisdom (I hope she reads this…I need the points) coached me through the rest of high school.382725_10150998926735389_96417374_n

The next 20 years are pretty boring, at least for you to read about…so I’ll sum it up: Went to business school, had a baby boy, got married, had a crappy job, bought a house, had another baby boy, got a management job (still crappy), started a company, bought a nicer home, got a dog, had a baby girl, almost went bankrupt, worked super hard!

Through all of that,I never lost my appreciation of food and my love of cooking. I even started writing a cookbook, several times in fact. Now that business has been moderately successful for a while, my thoughts have pulled me back to food. With no hobbies and dreading what I do for a living, I decided to start…no, FINISH…the cookbook this time. And now that food blogging is a thing (for those of you that were born after 1985, there was a time when ‘blogging’ was not a thing at all) I decided to not only create great recipes for my book, but also to write about them.

Now I am on an even more epic visual, interactive journey; making videos and pod-casting about all things food. With the help and support of my wonderful, crazy family, I intend to to continue my culinary journey, with new recipes, unique discoveries and entertaining articles and videos for you to enjoy. I truly hope you have as much fun watching, reading, eating them as I do making them for you!