Introducing…a Podcast like no other!

prescription for flavour , Adam Heard and Jennifer Heard

After many months of wonderfully painstaking deliberation, research, work and the occasional drunken sound-check, I am ecstatic to finally announce the debut of our new and exciting Podcast, “Prescription for Flavor”!

Hosting alongside the brilliant & gorgeous Registered Natural Health Specialist/Yoga Therapist Jennifer Heard  PhD(DNM), ERYT (of, I will be ‘dishing out’ current & controversial food news, recipes and culinary tricks while Jennifer expands your mind with all of her health and wellness wisdom!

Together, we will talk about everything from Asparagus to Zanex and why you should consume one, but maybe not the other 😉  We will be interviewing and engaging with Health Experts, Renound Chefs, Authors, Food critics and so much more.

Episodes will be informative and educational, after all, our goal is to expand your horizons! But don’t worry friends, we plan to make every episode just as much fun as a barrel of monkeys! …Wait, does anyone ACTUALLY know what the hell that means? I mean, it sounds a little cruel and unsanitary if you ask me…but nevertheless, we will have some laughs along the way!

So whether you just found out you’re gluten intolerant and don’t know what (or where) to eat, or you just wanna know the secret to perfect scrambled eggs (along with their fantastic health benefits), we will have you covered 🙂

So grab a coffee, tea or glass of wine and hop onto your favourite pod-casting app and search ‘Prescription for Flavor’ and Subscribe today! Or click HERE for current episodes. I truly can’t wait to talk atcha soon!!

Yours truly,


*** If you have any questions or ideas regarding this podcast, please let us know in the comment section below. Have a show or topic idea? I wanna hear it!

Here I am recording a late night cast!

Here I am recording a late night cast!


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