Think you don’t like Kale? Try THIS Salad!

Admittedly,  I usually only like kale in soup, until I discovered this salad. Not a fan of it fried, or pickled and don’t get me started on kale chips…gross! But this salad recipe changed my mind! It’s packed with flavor…no really, it is!  And with rice, lentils , fruit, and kale it’s a super-food meal in a bowl!!  If you eat a bowl of this every day, you will probably live forever…IF you don’t get hit by a bus or anything, that is.

Salad Dressing Recipe
Oil & Vinegar. Is there a better pairing?


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Kale salad
All you need! This meal is more tasty than a burger meal and PACKED with vitamins and protein!

Click here for a video on everything you need to know about kale!




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