Southwest Ham and Cheese Soup

On a cold, rainy day, when your sick, any winter evening or really any other time, there’s not many things better than soup! All around the globe soup recipes are famous, whether its pho (Vietnam), tom yum (Thailand), Mulligatawny (India) or many, many others, soup is a staple everywhere you go!  My southwestern spin on a North American classic kicks as much ass as the rest of them combined, and topped with gewy cheese, there’s nothing more tasty, more hearty, than a bowl of my Southwest Ham and Cheese Soup, if I do say so myself!

Hopefully you had a delicious ham last night and now you have succulent bone with a chunk of meat leftover! Now you can make this soup…and you WILL enjoy this soup!


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Ham soup


This is a hearty, healthy ham soup…and its gluten free!


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