Rich & Easy Mexican Chocolate Torte

I get so excited in winter when I stumble across a place that sells Mexican Hot Chocolate! It is usually blended with cayenne pepper and finished with cinnamon, as Speedy Gonzales would say: “areeba areeba, undalay undalay.” I realize if you were born in the 1990’s or later, you might not get that reference, but that what Google is for…right?!?   Well this flourless (yes, that means its a gluten free dessert too) torte is rich and dense, and every bit and scrumptious as a hot glass of Mexican cocoa on cold winters day!  My favorite part about this easy chocolate dessert is the texture. Its dense, but fluffy at the same time, kind of like a cross between a chocolate brownie, chocolate mousse and  a bit of cloud, plucked straight outta heaven 😉  Watch the video, or scroll down for the recipe!




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Mexican torte
Oh so delicious!

Tip: If you want to make this dessert dairy free as well, feel free to substitute the butter for margarine and ensure your chocolate is not made with milk powder 🙂

Also: Here is a video with some cool facts about chocolate!

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