Delicious Braised Beef Ribs

Usually when we go for BBQ we get pork ribs. Don’t get me wrong, pork ribs are awesome…but sometimes tender, meaty beef ribs are needed to fill the “beef hole” in your tummy!  Whenever cooking pork back ribs, I always used to use Alton Browns pressure cooker method, which works like a charm, BTW! But then I discovered braising and I was hooked!

Braising any meat will keep it moist and make it soft and tender. With ribs, the idea is to get it to that perfect tenderness with letting all the meat fall off the bone, and that just what we’re gonna do…getting hungry??  Well then, lets make some damn ribs!!



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Braised ribs
Man…those look great!!

TIP:   Click on this video if you need instructions on how to remove the membrane!

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